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The car spent most of its life in Florida and Georgia which explains why there is no rust on it. We purchased it in Manchester, NH from its third owner which abused the engine and transmission after spending thousands in repairs and upgrades on other major components. Upon taking ownership of the car we realized the engine was in need of replacement. We purchased the vehicle at a reasonable price considering the major repairs required.

My Goal
The whole time my car was being worked on, I was thinking ahead to what I could do to make it a car which will express my kind of work and feeling towards my own personal property. Realizing my goal is to do every modification myself no matter how big or hard it may be. Which for my senior project I decided to learn how to replace the engine.

On the What's new page you can check up on what things I have been planning to do and have already done recently to my car.

The blown engine :( with me 10:30 at night haha